The CARLISLE tagline is “Anything is possible.” We wanted to match that mindset with a flexible and adaptable website—fitting for a company that’s also a community. With ExpressionEngine as the core CMS we have been able to constantly update existing core functionality and add new features.

“Guideline has been a fantastic resource for our company. They are flexible, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!”

Caden Stobart
Chief Marketing Officer
Carlisle Etcetera, LLC


We were able to get immediate feedback on our merchandising and sales tools, from the CARLISLE Stylists who actually use them. Understanding how the Stylists work with clients helped us develop smarter lookbooks and detail pages, and a more helpful find-a-Stylist tool.


We wanted to make sure that the online system we create wasn’t just a beautiful display of CARLISLE styles, it was also easy for CARLISLE brands to use and update. We provide at-the-ready technical and creative support, working seamlessly with the Carlisle technical and marketing teams.

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