IT Solutions is the technology backbone of many companies, across diverse industries. So we kept refining the logo to convey a sense of strength and stability, with a distinctly modern and timeless feel.


IT Solutions are more than contractors or consultants. When it comes to managed services, they are true strategic partners with their customers. This idea drove our naming exploration for their service offering, and we landed on a simple, powerful phrase: SHAREDVISION. We then named the vertical-specific plans offered under the SHAREDVISION service.


The original IT Solutions website had plenty of content, but lacked clear organization. So our redesign was an exercise in consolidation and streamlining, applied through UX best practices and elegant design thinking. The new site makes it easy to discover the company’s core offerings, as well as their growing library of industry-related news and articles.

“We've been working with Guideline for almost 20 years. We don't make a move without Kyle and his team. They're one of the most professional and creative partners we've ever worked with. We couldn't be happier!”

Ted Swanson
IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.


As they innovate, leading technology companies like IT Solutions face a corresponding challenge: how to distill and explain complex solutions in clear terms for their customers. We helped IT Solutions update their video on security, adding consistent brand imagery and animations to make the technical content come to life.

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