Our Virgil’s rebranding challenge: take the original logo, rebuild it, and add a new structure and form that could be used on signage, collateral and packaging. Keep the down-home feel and apply it to popular products like dry rub and hot sauce.


Once we refined the Virgil’s core identity, we designed the labels for all of their signature sauces and rubs. We also helped create labels for in-house wines and products for Carmine’s.


Virgil’s required many collateral and promotions materials. We worked closely with the client to create templates for menus, signage, in-house promotional posters and even a beer tap

“The restaurant business is fast paced and constantly evolving. For years, we’ve leaned on the Guideline team for their technical and design services. They always deliver.”

Jeffrey Bank
Chief Executive Officer
The Alicart Restaurant Group, Inc.


The Virgil’s website evokes the smoke and neighborly warmth of Southern barbeque done right. We created intuitive navigation and smooth reservation flow—from couples to large catered parties.

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